Where Are the Black Think Tankers? Findings: Graphs and Charts

This research consists of an open-source examination into the number of think tankers in Washington, DC’s top think tanks who are black—either African-American or African.

This page contains my findings: the graphs and charts that best illustrate my research.  First, I recommend that you read the Background and Methodology of this research.  Then feel free to examine the following graphs and charts.

And afterwards, I suggest you read my Commentary and Questions for Further Research.

Significant findings:

3way Ranking Diffs(1) When you take ethnic composition into consideration, focusing on black directors and experts within a given think tank, the Center on Budget and Policy Considerations and the World Resources Institute rise in the rankings considerably: 31st to 1st and 28th to 2nd, respectively.

(2) The Council on Foreign Relations is the most consistent across the rankings considered in this study: 2nd to 2nd to 3rd.





Ranking Diffs

(3) When looking exclusively at the ranking differentials between Livetank and the Ethnic Composition study in this research, there is an obvious dichotomy: the top think tanks fall and the bottom four rise.





Other Graphs and Charts from this Study:

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Directors + Experts

Directors Experts

TTs Ranked on Ethnic Composition

Ethnic Composition Rank