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Kali: Goddess of Death and Feminism

To say that Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Death is true, but not accurate. It begs the question: “Death of what?”


Grief-stricken nation still trying to figure out if Trump is the cancer or the chemo.

Why Ukraine Hurts So Much

The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t the only international crisis going on.  Indeed, it isn’t even the most significant.  But for Americans, it feels qualitatively worse than any other conflict in the past… Continue reading

An Unsanctioned Iran Is Scary—Nukes or Not

This article was published in full with the National Interest.   Click here to read the full article. — Anwar El Sadat’s historic 1977 trip to Jerusalem changed the political dynamics in the Middle East.… Continue reading

A Roadmap for Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

So what does all this China and USSR history say about the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West? The answer is below, and is the culmination of the previous three articles.  First,… Continue reading

What the USSR Teaches Us about Easing Iran Tensions

The year is 1991, mid-August.  The phone lines in Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev’s villa on the Black Sea are dead.  They’re coming.   Gorbachev gathers his family and warns them: “very dangerous events… Continue reading

What China Teaches Us about Easing Iran Tensions

Part II(a) of “Reconciliation with America: Iran, China, and USSR” — But what is the likelihood of an IRGC-led hardline coup?  The following section is an attempt to answer that question by looking… Continue reading

Pushing the Hardliners Too Hard

Part I of “Reconciliation with America: Iran, China, and USSR” — If Khamenei and Rouhani get closer to rapprochement with America, will the IRGC revolt? Abstract: Part I of this article provides the… Continue reading

That Smile: Rouhani Knows What He’s Doing

This article/interview was published six days after my piece below.  It is about the Iranian translator who has translated for all Iranian presidents since Rafsanjani, including Rouhani’s interview with CNN: — To Deny,… Continue reading

Where Are the Black Think Tankers? Commentary and Questions for Further Research

Commentary First and foremost, who the hell am I to conduct a study like this?  I’m a young professional in DC with a curious mind (read more About Me).  I also have some… Continue reading

Where Are the Black Think Tankers? Methodology

This was an entirely open-source investigation.  I relied heavily on the webpages of the top ten think tanks as listed by Linktank in their 2011 report.  I divided my data into three categories:… Continue reading

Where Are the Black Think Tankers? Background

In June 2012, ambassadors, experts, thinkers, and academics from the G20 countries convened for the inaugural G20 Foreign Policy Think Tanks Summit.  The meeting was highly constructive amidst different philosophies and worldviews.  The… Continue reading

Where Are the Black Think Tankers? Findings: Graphs and Charts

This research consists of an open-source examination into the number of think tankers in Washington, DC’s top think tanks who are black—either African-American or African. This page contains my findings: the graphs and… Continue reading

So Much for the Pivot to Asia – A Response to Obama’s 2013 Address to the UNGA

In November 2011, then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton published a piece in Foreign Policy Magazine outlining America’s “Pivot to Asia.”  Here is how it began: As the war in Iraq winds down and… Continue reading

The College Graduation Speech That Never Was

I was honored to be one of 15 or so undergrads in the College to have the chance to audition for Class Speaker at Penn’s 2013 Spring Graduation Ceremony and Commencement.  I wasn’t… Continue reading

The Special Relationship Isn’t Over

Following Parliament’s vote against military action in Syria, many declared the Special Relationship fatally wounded.  Historical analysis of the special relationship, however, suggests otherwise.  Not only has Britain abandoned us before (Vietnam and… Continue reading

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