“An Unsanctioned Iran Is Scary—Nukes or Not”
The National Interest

FIGHTIN’ WORDS: America’s Rhetoric and Policies against Iran: Comparing the Bush and Obama Administrations”
Journal of Undergraduate International Studies,  University of Wisconsin-Madison, Fall 2012 Issue.

Final Summit Report
G20 Foreign Policy Think Tanks Summit


Reconciliation with America: Iran, China, and USSR

Part I: Pushing the Hardliners Too Hard (audio)

Part II(a): What China Teaches Us about Easing Iran Tensions (audio)

Part II(b): What the USSR Teaches Us about Easing Iran Tensions (audio) 

Conclusion: A Roadmap for Iran Nuclear Negotiations (audio)

That Smile: Rouhani Knows What He’s Doing (audio)

Where Are the Black Think Tankers?

Findings: Graphs and Charts



Commentary and Questions for Further Research

So Much for the Pivot to Asia – A Response to Obama’s 2013 Address to the UNGA

The Special Relationship Isn’t Over

The College Graduation Speech That Never Was (audio)


Middle East

Iranian Expatriates & Their Impact on Iran: An Undergraduate Thesis in International Relations

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Two Accounts of the Outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War: The Economist vs. TIME

“We’re Tired of Revolution [in Iran]“ Are the Sanctions Justified? Analyzing the Correlation between US Economic Sanctions against Iran & Iran’s Support for Terrorist Groups

Two Takes on Power in the Middle East: A Joint Book Review

The Lynch Menace: A Review of ‘The Arab Uprising’ (audio)

Iran-Pakistan Relations

Explaining the Rise of Islam in Pakistan

Islam and Afghanistan: A (Limited) Unifying Force

IR Theory

Why did the US intervene in Libya but not Syria? Neoliberalism vs. Domestic Political Approach Theory

Nuclear Deterrence from 1945-1960 (-today?): A Realist Perspective

International Development

It’s the Economy, Stupid: European Edition

Drug Trafficking Part I: A Global Pandemic

Drug Trafficking Part II: Cocaine and Cannabis Herb in North America

Churchill Writing Seminar

Letter to the Reader

Is The US To Blame for WWII?

Churchill’s Relevance to College Students

Churchill on King Alfonso XIII of Spain

Churchill’s Egotism

The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

Between the Lines: Churchill’s True Views of Shaw

Churchill’s Best Man: A Review of Geoffrey Best’s Churchill Biography

The Road Not Taken & The Best Selection: Reviews of Geoffrey Best’s ‘Churchill: A Study in Greatness’

Moments Make Men: Churchill and FDR’s “Special” Relationship


The College Graduation Speech That Never Was

Convergent Risk to Business and Government: Counterintelligence & Telecommunications Infrastructure

Japanese Industrialization: A Critique

High School

2009 West Springfield Valedictorian’s Address (audio)