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Grief-stricken nation still trying to figure out if Trump is the cancer or the chemo.

Why Ukraine Hurts So Much

The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t the only international crisis going on.  Indeed, it isn’t even the most significant.  But for Americans, it feels qualitatively worse than any other conflict in the past… Continue reading

What the USSR Teaches Us about Easing Iran Tensions

The year is 1991, mid-August.  The phone lines in Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev’s villa on the Black Sea are dead.  They’re coming.   Gorbachev gathers his family and warns them: “very dangerous events… Continue reading

What China Teaches Us about Easing Iran Tensions

Part II(a) of “Reconciliation with America: Iran, China, and USSR” — But what is the likelihood of an IRGC-led hardline coup?  The following section is an attempt to answer that question by looking… Continue reading

That Smile: Rouhani Knows What He’s Doing

This article/interview was published six days after my piece below.  It is about the Iranian translator who has translated for all Iranian presidents since Rafsanjani, including Rouhani’s interview with CNN: http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/03/20790942-translator-for-iranian-presidents-gets-birds-eye-view-of-history — To Deny,… Continue reading

Iranian Expatriates & Their Impact on the Islamic Republic of Iran: An Undergraduate Thesis in International Relations, Part VI

And here’s the final part: conclusions from my thesis on the Iranian Diaspora This quote was not included in my thesis, but it very clearly synthesizes my primary conclusion: “Western support of a… Continue reading

The Special Relationship Isn’t Over

Following Parliament’s vote against military action in Syria, many declared the Special Relationship fatally wounded.  Historical analysis of the special relationship, however, suggests otherwise.  Not only has Britain abandoned us before (Vietnam and… Continue reading

Drug Trafficking Part II: Cocaine and Cannabis Herb in North America

Here is the second part of my study of drug trafficking in my freshman year.  It focuses on the North American corridor, and for this reason focuses only on cocaine and marijuana (not… Continue reading

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