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Why Ukraine Hurts So Much

The Russian invasion of Ukraine isn’t the only international crisis going on.  Indeed, it isn’t even the most significant.  But for Americans, it feels qualitatively worse than any other conflict in the past… Continue reading

That Smile: Rouhani Knows What He’s Doing

This article/interview was published six days after my piece below.  It is about the Iranian translator who has translated for all Iranian presidents since Rafsanjani, including Rouhani’s interview with CNN: http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/03/20790942-translator-for-iranian-presidents-gets-birds-eye-view-of-history — To Deny,… Continue reading

So Much for the Pivot to Asia – A Response to Obama’s 2013 Address to the UNGA

In November 2011, then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton published a piece in Foreign Policy Magazine outlining America’s “Pivot to Asia.”  Here is how it began: As the war in Iraq winds down and… Continue reading

The Special Relationship Isn’t Over

Following Parliament’s vote against military action in Syria, many declared the Special Relationship fatally wounded.  Historical analysis of the special relationship, however, suggests otherwise.  Not only has Britain abandoned us before (Vietnam and… Continue reading

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