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Is The US To Blame for WWII?

In this piece, I make a primitive argument that America’s loans to Germany during the interwar years are the direct cause of WWII (i.e., “but for” these loans, Hitler wouldn’t have been able… Continue reading

Churchill’s Relevance to College Students

Here’s another timed essay for my Writing Seminar with Dr. Paul Deveney.  As a reminder, I’m publishing these strictly timed, 30-min pieces as they were originally submitted (including typos). — Prompt: Why is Churchill… Continue reading

Churchill on King Alfonso XIII of Spain

I found this chapter in Great Contemporaries interesting primarily because I had never heard of this particular Spanish king.  It is yet another reminder that almost regardless of the subject, a good writer… Continue reading

Churchill’s Egotism

This is the first piece I wrote for the Writing Seminar.  It uses two examples to argue that Churchill (prematurely) believed he was destined for greatness. — Winston Churchill undoubtedly changed the course… Continue reading

The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

Another popular exercise in Dr. Deveney’s class was the timed essay.  Again, you will notice that his strict time limit promoted the brevity in our writings that he so espoused.  If memory serves,… Continue reading

Between the Lines: Churchill’s True Views of Shaw

In addition to Best’s biography, the other work we relied on in Dr. Deveney’s Winston Churchill Writing Seminar was a book by Churchill himself: Great Contemporaries.  Each chapter is a short biography of… Continue reading

Churchill’s Best Man: A Review of Geoffrey Best’s Churchill Biography

Here is another review that I wrote of Best’s biography. — Bias is everywhere.  A cursory glance at modern day pundit television proves as much.  The goal is not to avoid bias, but… Continue reading

The Road Not Taken & The Best Selection: Reviews of Geoffrey Best’s ‘Churchill: A Study in Greatness’

Dr. Deveney’s Churchill Writing Seminar centered around one biography of Churchill in particular, that of Geoffrey Best.  Two of our assignments for the class involved reviews of Best’s work, which you will find… Continue reading

Moments Make Men: Churchill and FDR’s “Special” Relationship

The final assignment in our Churchill Writing Seminar was a research project.  Below, you’ll find mine on the Special Relationship between the US and Britain during WWII.  In it, I critically examine Geoffrey… Continue reading

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