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What the USSR Teaches Us about Easing Iran Tensions

The year is 1991, mid-August.  The phone lines in Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev’s villa on the Black Sea are dead.  They’re coming.   Gorbachev gathers his family and warns them: “very dangerous events… Continue reading

Pushing the Hardliners Too Hard

Part I of “Reconciliation with America: Iran, China, and USSR” — If Khamenei and Rouhani get closer to rapprochement with America, will the IRGC revolt? Abstract: Part I of this article provides the… Continue reading

That Smile: Rouhani Knows What He’s Doing

This article/interview was published six days after my piece below.  It is about the Iranian translator who has translated for all Iranian presidents since Rafsanjani, including Rouhani’s interview with CNN: http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/10/03/20790942-translator-for-iranian-presidents-gets-birds-eye-view-of-history — To Deny,… Continue reading

Iranian Expatriates & Their Impact on the Islamic Republic of Iran: An Undergraduate Thesis in International Relations, Part V

This is the fifth installment of my thesis, and it is the second of two research methods: historical tracing. — Tracing Iran’s Domestic Development Having discussed at length the Iranians outside of Iran,… Continue reading

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