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A Roadmap for Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

So what does all this China and USSR history say about the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the West? The answer is below, and is the culmination of the previous three articles.  First,… Continue reading

So Much for the Pivot to Asia – A Response to Obama’s 2013 Address to the UNGA

In November 2011, then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton published a piece in Foreign Policy Magazine outlining America’s “Pivot to Asia.”  Here is how it began: As the war in Iraq winds down and… Continue reading

Iranian Expatriates & Their Impact on the Islamic Republic of Iran: An Undergraduate Thesis in International Relations, Part VI

And here’s the final part: conclusions from my thesis on the Iranian Diaspora This quote was not included in my thesis, but it very clearly synthesizes my primary conclusion: “Western support of a… Continue reading

FIGHTIN’ WORDS: America’s Rhetoric and Policies against Iran: Comparing the Bush and Obama Administrations

This was written under the supervision of Tally Helfont in the summer of 2010 at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  It was then published by the Journal of Undergraduate International Studies (University of… Continue reading

Two Takes on Power in the Middle East: A Joint Book Review

Another book review for Dr. Vitalis’s PSCI211: Politics of the Contemporary Middle East, this piece evaluates two different books about power centralization in the Middle East.  Ironically, it was only during and after… Continue reading

The Lynch Menace: A Review of ‘The Arab Uprising’

In the Fall of 2012, I took Dr. Robert’s Vitalis’s course PSCI211: Politics of the Contemporary Middle East.  Dr. Vitalis is well-known at Penn for having…shall we say…a loud personality.  These are the… Continue reading

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